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LeBron James asks fans to help decide on jersey number


The great athletes of modern history have become synonymous with their jersey numbers. Jackie Robinson is 42. Wayne Gretzky is 99. Peyton Manning is 18.

But LeBron James can't seem to figure out if he'd rather be 6 or 23. The now-again Cleveland Cavalier tweeted a photo of him wearing both the numbers 6 and 23 on his jersey, asking fans which he should choose. 6 was James' number when he was with the Miami Heat, and 23 was the number that he first started with at Cleveland.

The only problem is that there's one other seminal basketball player who has already become synonymous with 23, Michael Jordan. Will LeBron bring his Miami numerics back up to Ohio? Or will he challenge Jordan again for 23 supremacy? Tell us which number LeBron should wear on the court next NBA season.

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