World Cup fans gather at San Jose restaurant for viewing party

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Mexico World cup fans gathered at a popular restaurant in San Jose to watch the game on Monday.

The fan base for Mexico's national soccer team is huge in the Bay Area and a lot of them gathered to watch their World Cup game at a popular restaurant in San Jose. Anticipation during the game turned into jubilation with the outcome.

The most popular places in San Jose were places with large screen TV's tuned to the game.

By contrast, a shop selling World Cup apparel was quiet, except for the $5 noise makers on sale. Soccer apparel vendor Salvador Ulloa knew the outcome of the Croatia-Mexico match would determine if his $90 adult jerseys would be in demand. "If Mexico wins, I hope, I hope, we're going to sell a lot," he said.

At Casa Ochoa, the bar was packed with fans who had put in a half-day at work and were blocking out time to cheer on Mexico, but a few of them having lunch there didn't seem to be too interested. "Maybe I'm very ignorant in futbol because once in a while I watch the games," Colombia resident Alexandra Diaz said.

Her daughter wasn't interested because she supports her home team of Colombia. But she loves soccer and says she's a good at playing soccer.

A good game seems to stimulate hunger as well as thirst. The $26 molcajete seafood bowl for two was a popular choice, along with margaritas or beer.

Even doing an interview didn't keep Grady Sanchez from keeping an eye on the game. "I love the game," he said. "Absolutely, absolutely. I love soccer. I love World Cup. I watch it every four years."

Missed goals early in the game seemed to point to a scoreless outcome. Mexico needed a win or a tie to advance.

"The game is really good right now we're almost there. We're going to make it. Mexico's going to win, it's going to take it," Derman Gonzalez said.

But there was one fan at the restaurant who dared to admit he's from Croatia. "Yeah, only me (from) Croatia it looks like," Draguan Gusa said.
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