Google Glass may soon be used to stream games on Jumbotron

Google Glass may be the domain of techies right now, but those net specs are starting to find another home in professional sports.

It all started when, Pacers center Roy Hibbert bought himself a Google Glass and wore it during a practice game. Before long, they were playing three on three, with everyone wearing Glass.

"They're views that you're never going get with a fixed camera. To get it right from the person's perspective, that's the Holy Grail," CrowdOptic Vice President Jim Kovach said.

CrowdOptic is a Bay Area startup that's now feeding the Pacers' Glass addiction.

"They have 10 units, and they'll put em' on cheerleaders, mascots, PA announcers, they'll put them on players before the game," Kovach said.

Then, they stream the video on the Jumbotron.

Color commentator Jeff Van Gundy wore Glass at a Pacers game. It's not part of the broadcast yet, but fans at the game are getting a live look behind the scenes.

CrowdOptic can tell exactly where each Glass is pointed and display it on a map of the stadium. So if someone's looking at it, the Jumbotron operator can have it live in seconds.

Other teams are taking an interest, such as the Sacramento Kings.

CrowdOptic is also working with teams on apps you can use at the game. Engaging the fans is the bottom line for pro sports teams.

"I really think that what is happening here is so fun, different and powerful that it's gonna change everything," Kovach said.
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