Bay Area justice and equality groups accuse United Airlines of racial discrimination

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A justice and equality group is accusing United Airlines of racial discrimination after a passenger was forced off a plane. The passenger is a Vietnamese-American doctor. The group is demanding a number of things from United. (KGO-TV)

A justice and equality group is accusing United Airlines of racial discrimination after a passenger was forced off a plane.

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China and most recently, Vietnam have expressed outrage over the video seen all over the world showing a passenger being forcefully dragged off a plane.

Frank Lee of the Organization for Justice and Equality, based in the Bay Area, followed by making a statement. "We should boycott United Airlines to teach them a lesson," he said.

Invited to a press conference Friday was the San Francisco Community Empowerment Center, another Asian group that criticized United for ints actions.

"He is an Asian," said Theresa Duque of the center. "I feel that it is very suspicious that it may be racial discrimination."

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The passenger, David Dao, is Vietnamese. While we still don't know the identities of the other three passengers who were asked to leave the flight, we've learned a passenger on board a United flight from Hawaii was asked to give up his seat and was mistreated.

He is caucasian, which made the group of advocates back down.

"There is no conclusive evidence that this is a case of racial discrimination," said Duque.

Instead, the group focused on demanding that United disclose its criteria for removing passengers, something the airline has never done.

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Edward Hasbrouck is an aviation expert who gave us an idea of who may stay and who gets bumped. "The fare they paid and their status in the airline's frequent flyer program," he said. "But they don't say what weight would be given to those factors.

Minority groups like these are asking the airline industry for more transparency.

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