INSPIRING VIDEO: 84 people around the world solve a Rubik's Cube together

(YouTube, nyassin14)

Like many college graduates before him, recent Harvard grad Nuseir Yassin took out to see the world after he turned his tassel. With unrest in his native country of Israel, though, he wanted to take advantage of his travels by demonstrating how alike we can be, no matter what country we're from. To do that, he asked all types of people to make a move--one move--on his Rubik's Cube during his travels. Together, they solved it.

So, what did it take to put the final video together? As Yassin puts it: 11 countries. 84 moves. 30 females. 54 males. 1 monkey. 1 snake. 1 rejection.

Watch the cool montage from his travels here.
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