East Bay residents find ways to keep cool

Ninety-degree temperatures aren't all that unusual, in many places in the Bay Area, but what is unusual about our spring heat wave is where it's hot -- places where people just aren't used to it. In Richmond, they saw temperatures that are normal for Livermore.

Keller Beach is the perfect escape, but sometimes those who are most at risk in the heat can't get there and need a way to cool down.

Kids love to play, but Tuesday's high temps can put them at risk, so it's up to Brenda Lewis, from Brenda's Kidz Kare, to make sure each and every one of her adorable kindergarten and preschoolers stays hydrated.

"Kids don't know when they're hot, they just want to play and play and play. So we try to keep them cooled off out here," Lewis said.

Sun and fun go hand in hand at the beach, which is fine when you can limit your exposure, but those working outside can only do so much when clear skies mean there is never a break from the sun.

"We just try to start early and take off early," Carl Smith from Bay Area Roofing and Remodeling said.

And to also play it safe they drink lots of water because, he says, if you get sick from the heat, you can't work.

"The bills don't stop coming man I mean a guy's got to eat. You know we can't stop," Smith said.

Heat related illness can hit seniors hard and fast. The combination of age and medication, according to center directors, can place them at higher risk, making the need for cooler spaces and constant hydration, essential.

"We encourage them to drink liquids, especially water, at a time like this," Diane Jones from the Neighborhood House Senior Center said.

Healthy and happy seniors is a tune they can all sing to.
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