Hurricane Marie will send rough surf to Southern California

Hurricane Marie, now a Category 4, will swing around the Southern California coast. Not expected to make landfall, though rough surf and strong rip currents will hit SoCal beaches. <span class=meta>(NOAA)</span>
Hurricane Marie quickly rose from a Category 1 to a Category 5 overnight, though now slightly weakened back down to a Category 4. Before losing a bit of steam, Marie had become the strongest hurricane in the Eastern Pacific Ocean since Hurricane Celia in 2010 with winds over 160 MPH.

The hurricane, at this time, is not expected to make landfall in the U.S. or Mexico.


AccuWeather believes Marie will slowly weaken as it comes into contact with cooler waters this week, though it is sending dangerously high tides toward Southern California beaches. NOAA issued a Coastal Hazard Message, warning of surf sets of 8 to 15 feet high at some SoCal beaches from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. Minor coastal flooding and beach erosion are also possibilities at this time.
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