South Bay residents finding ways to beat heat

Campbell Park.

Not being derailed by the heat the next few days won't be easy, but many people are giving it their best try this morning.

Many people will spend Monday at a pool or indoors. The temperatures are already rising in the South Bay.

It's still cool enough in the morning hours to run on the Los Gatos Creek trail, but hot enough that one boot camp class is a little extra careful.

"So, usually for my 9 o'clock class, where the heat starts to come up, we'll stay in the shade a little more often and then I just make sure if they need the water let them. I don't stop them or prevent them from getting water anytime they need to," said fitness instructor Nicole Leonard.

It's not just the humans looking to keep cool.

A group of German Shepherds and their owners avoid the peak sun hours. Temperatures in the 80s, 90s and higher can be too much to take if you're wearing a fur coat. But there can be perks.

"Cool their water down with ice cubes, other little things to do fill their kongs with frozen stuff. Freeze peanut butter, yogurt, rice, chicken, all sorts of things," said dog owner Mitra Warwick.

It's important to take care of young kids during the hot day. Going outside can be dangerous with the risks of dehydration, sunburns and exhaustion. For most moms, the playground is off limits during a heat wave.

"The slides are too hot. Once, last summer, my son burned his hands on the slide when it was too hot. So, just making sure they drink enough water and staying in the shade and resting and coming out earlier before it gets too hot," parent Sara Mosher.

"We pay a lot to live here for the nice weather, right? Not for this," said parent Abby Haynes.

One air conditioner repairmen say this first heat wave of the season will bring so many calls that he'll actually have to refer some of them to his competitors.
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