Storm brings flooding concerns, damaging winds to Bay Area

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As the rain falls, the waterways are once again rising in the Bay Area. Communities facing flooding can't take a holiday from the anxiety hard rain brings.

As the rain falls, the waterways are once again rising in the Bay Area. Communities facing flooding can't take a holiday from the anxiety hard rain brings.

In East Palo Alto, workers repaired potholes, using sandbags to make the roads a little smoother. All this rainfall has taken a toll on lots of roads and highways with erosion and potholes. Crews are also monitoring the San Francisquito Creek which often floods often floods when debris gets trapped under a bridge at East Bayshore Road.
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"We have drainage ditches, but they can't really handle the amount of water going through so we put these out. Also the amount of traffic we have on these roads, the heavy trucks, we try to keep it packed down solid," said Douglas Artz, Specialty Towing.

In Portola Valley, it's going to take a lot more than sandbags to fix a section of roadway. The Los Trancos Creek bank along Arastradero Road near Alpine Road is eroding. There's now a 10 foot drop off and with a storm coming -- residents are fearing the worst.

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In Martinez, residents are bracing for the worst with this storm. Sandbags are lining downtown storefronts. People there are keeping a close eye on Alhambra Creek, as the current swells.

In San Francisco, a flood-prone neighborhood in the Mission District is ready for today's storm. Flood barriers are up along 17th and Folsom Streets. This area often floods during heavy rains, like what we're experiencing this morning.

There is steady rain falling in Felton, with erosion being along the San Lorenzo river bank - but no flooding yet.

since today is a holiday, many families just came out to take a look at the river's water level.

The town of Felton has a rich history by having the one of the oldest covered bridges in the country. In 1982, storms damaged the historic landmark. Five years later, the Felton covered bridge was restored.

Locals remember that storm. One man came out to have a look. He says he is willing to offer friends a place to stay if there's flooding in the area.

"It keeps me in tune with what people are encountering right now. I have friends who live near the river. If it were higher than this, I will them up and say, 'Hey, do you need any help or anything like that," said Val Montieth, a Felton resident.

Further upstream, the current knocked some trees down. There also appears to be lots of erosion. But the levels have not reached flood stage.

A flood advisory has been issued to reminder people to pay attention to the water levels and to be ready to move to higher ground, if necessary.

Also be on the lookout for mudslides, which are common in this weather in this area.

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