Waters rage in Sonoma, drought still stands

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Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency late Monday night after relentless rain pounded the state, but experts say the drought is still very much in effect. (KGO-TV)

Officially, the majority of the state of California is in a drought but we're also in a state of emergency due to flooding.

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Expertes tell us the drought has ended in terms of surface water. That's easy to believe if you step into Sonoma County. Lake Sonoma is 23 feet higher than normal, a sight drought-dried eyes thought they'd never see again.

It's so high that the roof of The Marina remains above the waves.

The lady who runs it might be the only person not smiling. "It is hard on the checkbook, not even the fish can be sold," Janet Folk.

In California, right now, with all of this water, the concept of drought is hard to sell.

Maybe that is why Governor Brown never used the word drought in his State of the State speech.

"This is the way it goes, and with climate change, these changes are going to get more extreme," said Pam Jeane of the Sonoma County Water Agency.
Sonoma is a land of liquid riches, based on flows of the Russian River.

According to Governor Brown, the drought emergency still exists, technically.

Reconciling that fact with a state of emergency for flooding and damage to roadways like Highway 37 in Novato, which is six feet deep in places and has been closed for days, might be hard.

It's been a spectacular winter back at Lake Sonoma. The most sensational proof is a roaring, pouring wall of water, ten feet high and thirty feet across. It's part of flood control release that will continue for several days.
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It's a thrilling tourist attraction.
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