2 arrests made in downtown Oakland shooting that injured 8

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A gun battle on the streets of Oakland left eight people wounded. The shooting happened just after midnight on 14th Street near Broadway.

All of the shooting victims will survive. Some are still in the hospital. Two men were arrested for the crim. Witnesses say they ran for their lives.

Angela Galbraith was inside a bar and heard the gunshots coming from the street, she ran for cover.

"I just sitting down, we were just was listening to music and it was bullets everywhere," Galbraith said. "People that were downstairs ran upstairs, which scared everyone and then everyone started running. I ran and hid in the ladies room until the shooting stopped."

The gunfire was coming from 14th Street. Police say two men exchanged gunfire, wounding six people caught in the crossfire.

"By the time I came outside there was blood everywhere," Galbraith said.

Victims from 17- to 28-years-old were rushed to the hospital. Two men in their 20s, also wounded, were arrested.

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf reacted to the crime and she says police are working to reduce gun violence.

"Incidents like this are heartbreaking," said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. "We are putting so much energy into reducing violence in every neighborhood in this city. We do not play favorites with neighborhoods. This is about human life."

Last year, musician Emiliano Nevarez was killed by a stray bullet when he left the Golden Bull Bar, also on 14th Sreet in Downtown Oakland.

Owners of nearby Vinyl night club say there's no way the two suspects were inside their establishment Friday night because metal detectors for patrons were in use.
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