10-year-old called lifesaving hero after Healdsburg senior center fire

HEALDSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- Carlos Matos is 10 years old. Now, the Healdsburg City Council will be looking at giving him a commendation after he helped to save six residents of the Magnolia Manor Senior Center in Healdsburg.

Carlos saw the oven smoking. Then, it exploded in flames.

"It was scary," said Carlos. "Flames reached the ceiling."

His mom, Liz, who owns the center, sent Carlos outside to call Healdsburg Fire.

He knew the number, the address, got them there in a hurry while Liz evacuated the six residents.

"Very cool head on his shoulders," said Healdsburg Fire Marshal Linda Collister, as she looked at the oven. The fire remains under investigation.

Liz was a hero, as well, in getting all of those residents moved to safety.

On Monday, they sifted through the damage. Nothing survived except, ironically, the enchiladas in that oven.

Carlos did find his Rubik's Cube, charred but working. But his his prized PS4 and all the games? Melted.

"At least we got the people out," said Carlos. "That's what matters."

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