Here's how to get 'walk-up' vaccine at Oakland Coliseum (yes, you still need an appointment)

The mass coronavirus vaccination sites in Oakland and Los Angeles have administered first vaccine doses to more than 168,000 state residents in their first two weeks, according to state and federal officials.

The vaccination sites, located at the Oakland Coliseum and California State University Los Angeles, are being operated through a partnership between the state's Office of Emergency Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Defense.

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At the Coliseum majority of people have been opting into the drive-thru option for their appointment but the site's "walk-up" alternative may be faster.

Who's eligible for "walk-up" vaccine appointments at the Oakland Coliseum?

The same tier of people who are otherwise eligible can sign up for a "walk-up" vaccine at the Oakland Coliseum site.

How does one access the "walk-up" site?

The only way to get to it is at the Coliseum BART station, and then by utilizing the pedestrian bridge that goes over to the Coliseum. People can park their cars at the station and walk over, ride BART to the Coliseum Station, take a special AC Transit free shuttle, or use any other means of transportation to get to the BART station.

How do I sign up?

Go to and make sure to indicate "walk-up" when making your appointment.

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Do I have to have an appointment?

Yes, you must have an appointment.

How long does it take?

As little as a half-hour, including the 15 minute observation period. The lines in the drive-thru side have been as much as three hours long.

Can I walk up and wait at the site to be a standby if I'm not yet eligible?

No, it was happening in the early stages of the vaccine site, but not anymore. FEMA says the supply of vaccine is now being strictly monitored and calibrated to serve those on a given day and that essentially there are no longer "leftovers."

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