Drifters arrested in murder of 2 accused of earlier attack in San Francisco's Upper Haight

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The three drifters accused of murdering a beloved yoga teacher in Marin County and a Canadian tourist are suspected in an earlier attack in the Haight Ashbury District.

The suspects, 23-year-old Morrison Lampley, 24-year-old Sean Michael Angold and 18-year-old Lila Alligood are in custody in Marin County, in the shooting deaths of Steven Carter and Audrey Carey.

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Police and sheriff's investigators said when the three were arrested they would look at their histories to see if they committed other crimes.

People who spoke with ABC7 News in the Upper Haight District Thursday weren't that surprised to learn of the additional attacks because of the changing nature of the young transients in the area.

Bill and Marie Hanelius moved to the Haight six years ago. They said they are seeing more young transients and they are panhandling more aggressively than before.

"It has gotten a bit more intense down on Haight Street with the crowds of transient-type folks," Bill Hanelius said. "'I want money to buy drugs or to buy beer,' and if you ignore them they'll comment or they'll say things to you."

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People told ABC7 News the new breed of young drug-addicted transients scare them because they seem to have a violent streak.

Deborah Aragon spoke to ABC7 News on camera about the young transients.

"They have no respect for themselves or anybody else. And they also have no fear. They'll do a crime and not even think the consequences," Aragon said.

Many say the transients are squatting in Buena Vista Park, just blocks away from the Haight. Among those who reportedly once camped out there were at least two of the three young drifters who are now charged with murdering a Canadian backpacker and a tantra yoga instructor.

A regular at the Hobson's Choice Bar on Haight Street says he was beaten by Morrison Lampley in July 2014 as he was smoking a cigarette outside the bar. A doorman who came to his aide says the 18-year-old Lila Alligood came at him with a Taser, while Lampley wielded his skateboard as a weapon.

Both recognized the two from their mugshots.

Angold, Alligood and Lampley all remain in custody in Marin County, charged with the two murders.
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