Student fights bullying with uplifting Twitter account

DANVILLE, Ky. (KGO) -- Imagine an anonymous high school Twitter account spreading not rumor or gossip, but positivity. For much of the year, students and faculty at a Kentucky school have been wondering who's behind the uplifting tweets.

The anonymous student at Boyle County High School said she came up with the idea as a way to counter online bullying and other negativity. But even with her graduation, the Twitter account will live on.

In the television show "Gossip Girl," high school teens celebrate people's worst moments with cruel and hurtful gossip. But in real life, there's an anti-Gossip Girl -- a Kentucky student with a heart of gold using a Twitter account celebrating the best of people.

The mystery account @BCHSAnonymous was created in Jan. The first tweet: "My mission? It's simple: spread positivity around Boyle County High School."

That was followed by: "First compliment goes to "@briannalynn98 - she's a an (sic) absolute sweetheart. Brianna, your smile and positive outlook doesn't go unnoticed."

After hundreds of nice messages, the whole school wondered who was behind this. On graduation day they found out.

"This young lady is a great leader, a great student, and even better person," said BCHS senior JT Henderson. "Who has unveiled herself as the infamous BCHSAnonymous, tweeting uplifting thoughts about various thoughts throughout the school year. BCHSAnonymous is Miss Taylor Stewart.

The student behind the @BCHSAnonymous account is Taylor Stewart.

"There's so much negativity in all of our everyday lives," said Stewart. "It's crazy to think how one positive thing can pull someone back from the edge.

Now off to college, she's passing the torch to another anonymous tweeter.

"I think if we use our words in the right way there's no telling what we can accomplish," said Stewart.

Taylor continued post-graduation with some positive tweets including, "Class of 2014, you did it. Go do good."

And another tweet, "Tell people how much they mean to you."

Even though she graduated, Stewart is continuing to push for positivity online by working with the organization ThirdParent to prevent cyberbullying.
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