SF's Castro District increases security measures following Orlando shooting

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A moment of silence was held inside the Lookout Bar in San Francisco's Castro District to honor the victims of the shooting in Orlando.

Owner Larry Bennett says keeping his patrons safe weighs heavy on his mind. The gunman targeted a gay night club.

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"People are a lot more observant. In our case, we will check bags of anyone coming into our bar," said Bennett.

Recent terror attacks in Europe have also hit vulnerable places like bars and restaurants, that retire San Francisco Police Chief Tony Ribera says are hard to protect.

"Soft targets are very tempting to people who want to do harm," said Ribera.

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He says law enforcement needs to have a rapid response and establishments must train employees for emergencies.

People at the Lookout say it was more important than ever to come out and show solidarity with the LGBT community.

"We have to celebrate what we have and we have come so far in the struggle," said Booby Ojha, who came to the club.

"They want us to feel threatened and I want to reaffirm the fact we are going to go on with our lives and we're doing what we want to do."

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The Lookout even has a drink special dedicated to Orlando - jello shots, with money going directly to the city's LGBT community.

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