SWAT team called after San Jose house party turns violent

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Jose house party got so out of control Friday night that the SWAT team was called.

The party spiraled out of control. Neighbors say a crowd of 100 people gathered around a home just before midnight Friday.

"This one just blew up, because nobody lives here. They're not going to respect property. They just trashed it," said neighbor Ernie Villena.

The home was being renovated. The new owners were absent.

"A lot of people gathered in the same place and the yelling and screaming and was rioting," said neighbor Oscar Reyes.

The party got out of control when neighbors say two groups of what appeared to be gang members started fist fights in the streets and were throwing bottles. San Jose police not only responded, but brought in the SWAT team.

"There were just cops everywhere and then the SWAT team pulled up and let off two flash bangs," Villena said.

The house was searched and secured. Many partygoers fled and jumped neighbors fences, hiding in backyards. About 20 homes were told to stay on lockdown. Police detained several suspects.

Overall, neighbors say they were thrilled to have the heavy police presence and are hopeful that tonight will be more peaceful.
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