No serious injuries after car slams into Fairfield classroom

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- A car slammed into a classroom at Solano Community College in Fairfield on Friday, with eight students and a teacher inside.

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

The classroom is nowhere near the road. Investigators now believe the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency. Everyone inside is lucky to be alive.

"I see a car coming through the classroom and I was like, is this real?" student Antionette Ortiz said.

Ortiz was one of nine students inside the portable classroom when the unlikely happened.

"There's a black SUV behind me, completely inside the building," Solano County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Christine Castillo said.

The Solano County Sheriff's Office found a man in his 40s inside the SUV, a college employee.

"We believe the driver suffered a medical emergency. We don't believe alcohol or drugs to be a factor at this point," Castillo said.

That may explain how the man jumped the curb and went through a grassy area before crashing into the portable classroom.

"All of a sudden there was this huge rumble and everybody just turned around, they had no idea what it was," Ray Ortiz said.

Ortiz is enrolled in the same math class as his granddaughter. They were all taking a test.

Nearby faculty and staff quickly came to help. "One student was pinned between the car and the wall with some desks on top of her, so they immediately attended to her," Superintendent Celia Esposito-Noy said.

We later found her as police were taking pictures of her injuries -- all, incredibly, minor.

"I was surprised that I had no broken bones or anything at all too," Kao Thao said.

The driver and seven people were taken to two nearby hospitals and quickly released.

Students say Monday through Thursday, the campus is full of students. Luckily, there are very few classes on Fridays.

"It could have been extremely worse than it was," a student said.

Thao was still trying to process the accident. "Still traumatized, just a little sore."

On a positive note, students were happy to hear the math teacher decided not to count this exam as part of their grade.

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