Investigation opened into prior incidents involving Oakland sniper

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- For the first time since a sniper was shot and killed by Oakland police, Mayor Libby Schaaf is speaking out. She says an investigation has begun into two prior incidents involving the gunman in which it appears officers failed to act.

"It began immediately on Friday," Schaaf told ABC7.

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It was last Friday that 32-year-old Jesse Enjaian shot up his neighborhood on Las Vegas Avenue, firing at homes and cars. He then turned his weapon on responding officers and our news helicopter. Councilman Larry Reid says residents told him it was the third in a series of violent incidents this month involving Enjain that they had reported to police.

"They explained to me they had called police twice. They came. One said he was going to get a search warrant. He never came back. That should not happen. People's lives were put at risk because of the failure of our police officers," Reid said.

Mayor Libby Schaaf says the prior incidents were on February 10th and 14th.

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"We will be investigating how those two matters were handled. No one should have to live in fear of being terrorized by gun violence," Schaaf said.

Councilman Reid has received numerous calls from neighbors who feel like one neighbor who says his car was one of those shot up by the gunman.

"If the tables was turned and I was a black guy in the house and he was the white guy outside and I shot him they would come and get me out of the house that day," the neighbor said. He did not wish to be identified.

The gunman was shot by police and died Friday night. "I want some answers. The residents want answers; I think the entire city wants answers," the neighbor said.

The police department had no comment Tuesday.

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