Some San Francisco Fillmore Street businesses closing

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Real Food Company's closing in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood has been putting a dent in sales at businesses on Fillmore Street between Lombard and Union streets.

"That was my Sunday, people running errands going to the grocery store," My Roommate's Closet owner Ashley Carroll said. "We have noticed our sales are down 18 percent," said Carroll.

She said decreasing foot traffic and increasing rents along Fillmore Street are taking down small businesses. "When I walk down the street there's nothing going on anymore it's one after another," Carroll said.

"It makes me sad because the store I wanted to go to is not there," Carol Koeppel said.

A children's boutique named Bubble used to be on Fillmore Street and now it's on Union Street where rent is slightly less. "It's tough, it's definitely tough," Bubble owner Marina Levy said.

Eleanor Carpenter who is president of the Union Street Association said she knows. "If I had to do this today, I'd doubt if I'd do it," she said.

Carpenter has owned Jest Jewels for 30 years and also owns the building. "I don't have to pay any rent if I don't want to," Carpenter said.

This is unlikely option for anyone starting out today. "It's the same story everywhere," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said she'd like to see Bay Area landlords give small business owners a break. "Do I really need 10,000 or can I get away with 8,000," Carpenter said, referring to how much landlords charge tenants every month.

There are new businesses opening on Fillmore Street including where Bubble used to be and there's talk of another grocery store opening where Real Food Company was once located. It's a double edged sword for some. "It'll be great food traffic, so therefore my rent will probably skyrocket and it would be rough," Carroll said.

So much that Carroll said she'd likely have to close her store.
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