$1 for historic Oakland houses on Brook Street

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Two historic homes on Brook Street in Oakland are looking for new owners and it'll only cost you $1 to close the deal.

The little red house is for sale for $1. And next door the green house is also available for $1. Developer Lowe enterprises is planning to build 127 apartments on the property on Brook St in Oakland

The developer is offering these houses for a dollar each to meet city requirements for relocating potentially historic properties.

It could cost $60,000 and involve moving power lines, tree limbs and signal lights on the way to a new location.

"You've got to find land large enough to accommodate the home. Then you have to find a place that's zoned and his government regulations for the home to be placed there. And you've got to make sure the neighbors are okay with that as well," said David Stark, with Bay East Association of Realtors.

But all of that hasn't stopped the neighbors from daydreaming.

"I would much rather live in a house like that then live in a brand-new building that looks like a cardboard cut out of any other apartment building. But I don't have the funds to do that so it's not going to happen," said Megan Fawcett, who lives nearby.

"I actually bought a lotto ticket the other day, I'll try to do it. Gorgeous home," said resident Karen Lovaas.

Interested applicants with a place to move the homes have until April 30th to make a move!
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