Airline executives grilled for hours on Capitol Hill

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Transportation Committee grilled top airline executives for nearly four hours after a string of bad behavior caught on camera. Most notably that shocking incident last month where a doctor was dragged off a United flight.

"This won't be a pleasant hearing for the witnesses today," said Rep. Bill Schuster ( R) Pennsylvania.

It was a bumpy ride for the airline industry on Capitol Hill.

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"This committee does not want half fixes and temporary measures," said Schuster.

Lawmakers grilled airline executives on turbulent customer service.

"We're here today to look and hear about where we can prod push or legislate to get better service for passengers," said Rep. Peter Defazio (D) Oregon

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United Airlines' CEO Oscar Munoz was up first and the star witness. He acknowledged the anger over the violent removal of Dr. David Dao from a flight in April.

"In that moment our customers and our company we failed," said Munoz.

Munoz promised his company will implement a new set of policies.

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"Our actions will speak indefinitely longer than your words? We will do better," said Munoz.

American, Southwest and Alaska Airlines all are there too.

"For our part, Alaska is carefully reviewing sensitive customer policies such as rebooking and it is our intent to improve the experience for our guests," said Joseph Sprague, Alaska Airlines.

Consumers and Congress are now waiting to see if today's probing will help improve air travel experience.

"If we don't see real results after this I assure you, you will not like the outcome," said Schuster.

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Lawmakers have been critical throughout the hearing. They've been highlighting unfair policies, including the change policy on United Airlines that has made the company about $800 million, but costs United nothing.

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