Concord pizza places Mountain Mikes, Round Table targeted by robbers in same night

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Two pizza shops in Concord were the target of an attempted armed robbery this weekend. In both cases, the employees of the pizza shops kicked the suspect out.

"The employee did not give him the money and the subject ran outside of the business," said Sgt. Carl Cruz, the Concord Police Financial Crime Supervisor.

Round Table Pizza located in Ygnazio Valley Road was the first pizza shop targeted around 9:30 pm on Saturday. A couple of minutes later, it happened again down the block.

"We received a similar call again of a subject trying to steal money from the register and again used a knife," said Cruz.

This time around the alleged suspect found two employees who were ready to confront him at Mountain Mike's Pizza. The pizzeria's owner, Gurjit Mann said he was shocked when he watched the exchange on the surveillance video.

"So he gets behind the TV for his safety and then other employees in the kitchen come out."

Covering his face and pointing the knife at the employees the alleged suspect demanded the money from the register.

"I was with somebody and we had a broom. If anything, he couldn't do anything to us. My coworker did freak out. I think she cried because the knife was really close to her," said one of Mountain Mike's employees.

When the alleged thief realized he was surrounded, he fled the shop.

Concord Police believe the suspect to be in his 20's, approximately six-feet tall, wearing a green sweatshirt and dark colored pants.

"We are telling our officers that work those areas to pay attention to any kind of crime of opportunity and we are also speaking to business owners to take measures," said Cruz.

Concord Police did detain several suspects that night but haven't made an arrest.
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