Mom poses with hunky students during daughter's college dropoff

Imagine it's your first day at college, but your mom is the talk of the campus.

Twitter is having a field day with a now wildly viral text thread between a mother and her Texas State freshman daughter.

Avery Leilani says when her mom dropped her off for college freshman orientation, she apparently made a few, hunky pals on her way out.

Mom sent her daughter a text saying: "I made some friends. Don't wait up." and included a few pics of her and the guys having a little fun on the football field.

Avery responds: "Mom, you cougar! How in the world?"

Twitter users are also smitten with mom, many calling her a babe.

Some have been sharing pics of their mom stealing their college drop-off thunder, while others are trying to track down the guys in the pics.
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