VIDEO: San Francisco Giants revel in epic 'Game of Thrones' night at AT&T Park

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As the valiant heroes and villains of "Game of Thrones" head back to Westeros for another season our valiant heroes, the San Francisco Giants, are headed to their own battleground-- AT&T Park -- for an epic quest to beat the San Diego Padres.

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Thursday marks "Game of Thrones" night at AT&T Park and representatives from the many kingdoms of the Bay Area will journey across treacherous (and traffic-filled) bridges, cross waterways (via ferry), and roll through the streets on wagons (cable cars) to end up at their version of King's Landing, AT&T Park.

With an Iron Throne in the clubhouse and a season filled with trials and tribulations, the players are headed into their own dreaded "winter" as baseball season flies into the dog days of summer.

The heroes from The City currently stand in second-to-last overall in the National League, just above the Philadelphia Phillies.

Hunter Pence, who now has his own House of Pence bobblehead in honor of "Game of Thrones" night, would do well in Westeros. After all, he has the beard, he has the fierce attitude, and he has the passion.

We'd love to see him rule the Seven Kingdoms, even though we all know Bruce Bochy is Protector of the Realm.

Watch the video in the player above to see how much joy Pence got out of sitting on the Iron Throne as he shares his love for the show.

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