San Francisco officials to learn as early as Tuesday decision on right wing rally at Crissy Field

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco city officials will find out as early as Tuesday if a planned right wing rally at Crissy Field will go on.

Crissy field falls under federal jurisdiction, not local control.

The National Park Service and Golden Gate National Recreation Area have approved a permit for the Patriot Prayer organization, but it has not been issued yet.

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The city is in daily meetings along with public safety officials and the Park Service to try to come up with restrictions for the rally should that permit be issued.

Mayor Ed Lee says, "The primary concern is guns. Guns and weapons of any kind, be (they) concealed weapons, sticks, poles." Other possible restrictions could be placed on the number of demonstrators allowed and the area of Crissy Field they could occupy.

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The mayor calls it unfair that the federal government can decide on the permit, yet expect San Francisco police to help provide security.

City officials are planning two counter events. One will be held Friday on the steps of city hall. The second will be at Civic Center Plaza around the same time as the Patriot Prayer rally kicks off.

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