Rescuers recover body of baby in New Waverly floodwaters

NEW WAVERLY, Texas -- A baby was pulled away from her mother's arms by rising water on Winters Bayou in New Waverly, Texas last week. Rescuers have recovered the body of the 6-month-old baby after she vanished in floodwaters during a rescue on Highway 150, between New Waverly and Coldspring.

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Crews who were working to help two men trapped inside their pickup on Sunday heard someone crying for help near Highway 150, between New Waverly and Coldspring.

Rescuers said a husband and wife were trying to cross some swift floodwater in a truck when they were swept away with their infant daughter.

The couple attempted to escape the truck but ended up becoming trapped in some trees downstream near a bridge.

The baby was pulled from her mother's arms and has not been seen since.

Firefighters from New Waverly and Punkin-Evergreen were able to rescue the couple, in addition to the two men who were trapped.

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