Stunned Bay Area residents return home after witnessing Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- Bay Area residents returning from Las Vegas appeared shaken and subdued after their plane landed at the airport. Those who were closest to deadly mass shooting didn't want to speak, saying they're too upset and they don't have the words. Others on the strip shared their experience navigating the panic.

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Guiseppe Loianno was in the lobby of the MGM when the shooting started. He says rumors spread another gunman was inside.

Wilson: "Did you think you could die?"
Loianno: "Honestly yes at some point because I heard people coming in and saying, 'they are here, they are here,' and then at some point we were all running around."

Honeymooner Jarred Skelton was nearby at the Luxor.

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"We were down in the basement of the casino, there was a few people part of the concert, I spoke to one man whose friend had been shot and they weren't sure where he was or what state he was in," he said.

A San Francisco couple was up in the Paris Eiffel Tower.

"They held us up there for like an hour," one said.

And a San Jose man we spoke with was in the Mandalay Bay lobby with friends.

"We pretty much saw the chaos and the panic at that time," he said.

Landing at SFO on Monday, passengers expressed horror, shock, sadness and fear.

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"It makes you scared to go out at night," said one woman.

Some Las Vegas residents say they're heartbroken for everyone killed, injured and emotionally affected.

Others want action to prevent a mass shooting from happening again.

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We also heard from passengers flying to Las Vegas on Monday. Kathleen Cuenco is supposed to meet with a surgeon.

"I might get there and he can't meet because he's in surgery or something," she said.

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