Wife of San Francisco police officer missing after Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- The wife of a San Francisco police officer is missing following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. Stacee Etcheber and her husband Vinnie attended Sunday night's concert with friends.

The officer's brother, Al, tells ABC7 News that the couple was at the concert when the shooting broke out. Vinnie started helping people and told his wife to run and save herself.

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Al is driving to Las Vegas to help his family. He shared his brother's description of chaos erupting as the shooting started via a phone interview.

"And they tried to take cover behind a steel barrier/partition," said Al. "He had pushed his wife underneath it. After the first barrage of shots, he noticed that there was people that was shot in the immediate area. He immediately went to go help them. So in between the first barrage of shots and the second barrage of shots he told his wife and two other friends to go head and run for it."

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The couple's friends made it to safety.

Stacee did not have her cellphone, and wasn't carrying her ID on Sunday night.

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