VIDEO: SF band 'The Sam Chase and the Untraditional' revel in opportunity to play Hardly Strictly

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- One of the biggest music festivals in the Bay Area is Hardly Strictly Bluegrass which brings together bands from all over the world for a weekend of sun, fun, and the occasional stand-up bass riff.

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The Sam Chase and the Untraditional, who take the stage Friday, grew up right here in the Bay Area and are ready to share the spotlight with hundreds of other musicians this weekend.

"Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is my favorite weekend of the whole year," said band leader Sam Chase. "I remember riding my bike over to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass every single day right when the first band would go on, and be there when the last band was finished -- and think to myself, 'Man, it's so cool that these bands are on stage. I wish I could be on stage' -- and look what happened."

Nerves can come out of nowhere for musicians, no matter how experienced -- especially for The Sam Chase, since they're on the eve of one of their biggest and most personal festival shows.

Growing up in San Francisco, the band says they've always had a great appreciation for Hardly Strictly and all of the musicians who grace the festival's stage.

Watch the video in the player above for the full interview with the band.

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