Vote to increase tolls on Bay Area bridges by $3 happening today

The toll at the Bay Bridge could go up to $9. Today, a vote will take place to put a measure on the June ballot that would raise the tolls on Bay Area bridges.

Earlier this month, the Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee voted in favor of the toll hike measure. But in order for it to go to voters, the Toll Authority Board needs to approve it. That decision is expected today.

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If approved, tolls would increase by $3 over a six year period. The first $1 increase would take place next year. The next $1 increase takes place in 2022, and another in 2025. The money raised would be used to fund highway projects across all nine Bay Area counties.

It also would go to funding transit including helping BART buy hundreds of rail cars to keep up with increasing ridership. The measure would affect the Bay Area's seven state owned bridges. The tolls at the Golden Gate Bridge would not be impacted because it is governed by a different authority.
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