Unusually warm temperatures around the Bay Area

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- When you don't live in California, any warm weather is shorts weather.

"Well it's snowing in Boston so anything better than snow," said Sarah Smith. Smith is visiting her friend Amy Palace, who lives in Dublin.

"This is not normal no, this is fun and beautiful," said Palace.

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Half Moon Bay was crawling with fishermen and others soaking up the sun. "Northern California weather, you just never know in February so you have to take advantage of it, that's what we're doing," said Isayana Robertson who lives in Half Moon Bay.

Her sons, 9-year-old Talin and 6-year-old Hayden had the day off from school.

"It's usually foggy and cold maybe a little rainy," said Talin.

A perfect day for four legged friends like "Louie" as well.

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"It's fun with the dogs and it's fun not to go to work," said Showa Sahle.

Making for a long, warm weekend, with more beautiful weather in sight and no rain expected for the next couple of weeks.

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