Crews in North Bay on alert as storm moves in

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- In Sonoma County, 10,000 trees have been tagged for removal or trimming as a result of the Tubbs Fire. It's a potentially dangerous situation that emergency crews will be keeping an eye on during this latest storm.

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"Especially with gusts sustained at 20 to 35 miles per hour and up to 50 at the highest elevations. That's a concern of ours just from the amount of dead and dying trees we've talked about where we've had the damaged trees that have been associated with the fire," said Paul Lowenthal of the Santa Rosa Fire Dept.

Crews will be keeping an eye on the rain as well, as debris from the burn areas remain a concern. Straw waddles and gravel bags have been strategically placed around the city's 14-hundred storm drain inlets. A staging area has also been set up where workers can access replacements as needed.

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But before the weather leads to any potential problems, residents are enjoying the rain for now.

"Well we need it," said Matthew Malvino of Santa Rosa. "We live in paradise here. The weather is always great, but if it rains a lot, it's okay because we know now we're going to have sunny days after."

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