Police say woman's body found near her car off Grizzly Peak

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Police confirm that the body of a woman was found near her car in a ravine off of Grizzly Peak in the Oakland Hills on Friday. They're still unsure when the car went off the road.

They say the vehicle was found in the 4900 block of Grizzly Peak Boulevard, near Marlborough Terrace. This may be related to a missing person's case.

Judy Spiegel says her son's girlfriend was reported missing this week. She drove a white Prius, she says, the same car that went off the side of Grizzly Peak and down 100 feet in steep terrain.

She says her son last saw his girlfriend Sunday night and left for Hawaii the following morning.

By mid-week, he was calling his mother to have her check and see if she had seen his girlfriend.

Police were investigating the woman's disappearance near Marlborough Terrace Friday at 8:50 a.m.

Police say they happened to check the area for the missing person and found the vehicle off the embankment. Fog, rain and wind hampered their rescue efforts. But they eventually confirmed there was no one inside the vehicle.

Friday afternoon, as the vehicle was towed up the muddy hillside, cadaver dogs with the Alameda County Sheriff's Department found a woman's body near the Prius.

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