E.coli outbreak is growing

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The CDC has released new information about the E.coli outbreak linked to lettuce-- the outbreak is growing.

San Jose resident Rafael Archila said he eats lettuce almost every day.

The news made him think twice about his diet.

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"Maybe stop eating lettuce until we have a green light we can eat it again," said Archila.

The CDC reports 53 people, in 16 states including California, have been infected with E.coli after eating chopped, romaine lettuce.

31 people were hospitalized.

5 of them developed a type of kidney failure.

At Saladfarm in San Jose, lettuce is the life blood of the business.
The owner said they take every precaution.

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"We're very particular about the vendors we use and we want to make sure that each one that we do select has a background that we approve of," said Saladfarm owner Shahryar Rezvani.

The E.coli has been linked to Yuma, Arizona-- but not to a specific supplier or brand.

Emilie Caulfield has been skeptical of bagged salad for a while now.

"I was pregnant at the time and I didn't want to run the risk and I haven't bought it since then," said Caulfield.

The CDC says consumers should toss out any chopped romaine lettuce, or salad mixes that contain romaine, that they have at home.

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