Consumer Catch-up: Amazon Prime perks, older workers, CA teacher pay, support animal opinions

More perks for Amazon Prime customers

More in-person perks are now available for Amazon customers.

Prime members can get an additional ten percent off sale items at Whole Foods, as well as weekly deep discounts on select best-selling items.

The savings are available now in Florida stores, and will expand nationwide this summer.

To get the discount, members have to sign into the Whole Foods app using their Amazon Prime account.

Amazon bought Whole Foods last year.

More Americans planning to work longer

More American workers are planning to stay in the job market until age 70 or later.

A new study from Northwestern Mutual found that 22 percent of workers plan to work until they reach the ages of 70 - 74. An additional 16 percent say they will work until age 75 or older.

More than half of respondents - 55 percent - said those goals were out of necessity, not by choice.

The study found many employees feel they don't have enough savings built up for retirement, or are concerned Social Security won't cover all their needs.

When working longer is by choice, employees say they choose to stay in the workforce because they want more disposable income or because they really enjoy their job.

CA ranks high in teacher pay

Amid national cries for boosts in teacher pay, California ranks near the top in educator salaries.

A review of U.S. Labor Department data by 24/7 Wall Street found that California came in third, behind New York and Connecticut.

Teacher pay in our state averages $77,429 per year. Nationally, that average is about $58,000.

A recent survey by the National Center of Education Statistics found public teachers say they spend about $480 of their own money each year for school supplies.

DOT wants your opinion about animals on airplanes

The Transportation Department wants to know what you think about animals flying on airplanes.

The DOT announced today it will take public comments as it decides whether to change regulations around flying with service animals.

Its goal is to make sure rules are not discriminating against people with disabilities, while at the same time cutting down on people abusing the system.

The public forum for comments will be open for 45 days. You can post your thoughts here.

Numerous airlines have updated their pet policies in recent months. American Airlines announced yesterday changes on board its flights. Those rules will go into effect July 1.

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