Oakland Airport's TSA gets helping paw from man's best friend

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Some friendly faces will be greeting passengers at Oakland International Airport, but their job will be serious business.

The Transportation Security Administration is employing new passenger screening dogs as part of its security operations. The agency's dogs are specially trained to sniff out explosives and potential bomb materials, even in bags being carried through the airport.

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"We can move to different areas of the airport, not just in the queuing area where the passengers are," said David Von Damm, TSA federal security director. "You'll see our canines working all throughout the airport."

ABC7 got a demonstration of their skills when one of the dogs spotted the bait hidden in a decoy's camouflage-colored bag.

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Airport officials believe the canine screening program will also allow them to move passengers through the lines more efficiently without sacrificing security.

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