Historic vote in Ireland could repeal abortion ban

IRELAND (KGO) -- Two major exit polls project that Irish voters have decided to repeal strict ban on abortions.

While the historic vote is being counted in Ireland, in San Francisco, people at The Copper Kettle in the Outer Sunset are watching closely.

"I'm standing with the women of Ireland today and the men of Ireland," said a woman who asked to remain anonymous because the issue has divided her and her family.

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"I feel it's probably torn a lot of families apart here and in Ireland," said the woman who asked to remain anonymous.

"I just think it's hypocritical that a priest can tell me what to do when there was so much abuse in the Catholic Church," she continued.

In Ireland people woke up early to head to the polls including Theresa Sweeney who said she voted yes.

"I feel I've waited all of my adult life to have a chance to have a say on this," said Sweeney.

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Meantime signs in Ireland are encouraging people to vote no saying it's too extreme.

"I have debated for quite a while over it and it's a hard decision but I just feel I don't have the right to take life. I think life is sacred and for that reason I have to vote no," said Vera Rooney.

Earlier this week, some Irish expats flew home just to vote.

"I think this will carry the vote," said Gary McDermott while eating at The Copper Kettle.

The results are expected to be announced Saturday.

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