American Canyon residents, police irritated after vandals shoot car windows with BB guns

AMERICAN CANYON, Calif. (KGO) -- More than two dozen people who live in American Canyon started their Friday with a call to their insurance agents. Police say vandals with a bb gun went around overnight shooting out the windows on numerous cars.

The victims can only speculate about why.

"Probably they're just doing it for fun," said Arwin Bulaun who lives with his parents on Via Bellagio.

But, his family isn't laughing and neither is anybody else. His dad's driver's side window was blown out. American Canyon police say it's one of least thirty cars vandalized with a bb gun between 1 and 4 this morning.

Police Chief Oscar Ortiz says his officers are as ticked off as the victims. "People work hard for their property, and for their vehicles, and their car payments, their car insurance, so I don't know why anybody would find that entertaining."

Police on routine patrols overnight first begin noticing the damage to cars. Most of the victims heard and saw nothing.

Johanne Padrones found out his Honda was damaged when his neighbor called at about five am. "I went out and took a look and my window was broken, and so was my neighbor too, his window was also busted" he said.

The vandals hit cars in a two square mile area from near the border with Vallejo to the Central part of town. The targets were old and new, cars and trucks. On average it will cost about 300 dollars to replace.

Officers are likely to be back out this weekend checking with neighbors who have surveillance cameras around their homes in a search for additional evidence. Chief Ortiz says they are treating this is one criminal incident, and once they tally up all the damage, it could turn into a felony case.
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