San Francisco's '29Rooms' exhibit mixes fun and art

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Walking through the sold-out "29Rooms" art exhibit is kind of like a visual roller coaster ride. And that's just the way creative director Piera Gelardi envisioned it.

"So the experience we want to create for people is basically one of play and creativity. So, we're somewhere between an art exhibition and a fun house," says Gelardi.

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Each room was conceptualized by an individual artist. Slip through the door and you're in their world. From the politics of a bathroom, to the playful giant cocktail glasses on a fantasy cruise ship. And instead of just looking at each exhibit, visitors are invited to jump right in.

"I've created a painting people can step into, and where things that look like they belong to that painting world," says artist Alexa Meade.

The exhibit fills almost the entire floor at the Palace of Fine Arts.

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Some are challenging, others immersive. And while some rooms will capture the imagination of the youngest visitors, others will spark debate and maybe even ignite the creative impulses of seasoned art lovers.

"When people come in, even like the toughest customers let their guard down and they're like kids in a candy store just jetting off and running towards the exhibition that they are most drawn to," says Gelardi.

And if there's one theme constant in this exhibit, it's fun.

The exhibit runs for four days, but is currently sold out.

Click here for more information about 29Rooms.

Written and produced by Timothy Didion
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