Novato Police Department's lip sync challenge raises awareness about mental health, suicide prevention

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- After the Marin County Sheriff's Office challenged Novato Police Department to create a lip sync video, the Novato Police Department Chief challenged his department to think outside the box.

"If you could somehow create a purpose and a message that supports the mission and what we do then we'll run with it," Police Chief Adam McGill recounted to ABC7 News.

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Officers decided to raise awareness about mental health, suicide prevention, and post-traumatic stress.

"It's incredible what they came up with," said Chief McGill.

The video features School Resource Officer Antonio Rodriguez

"It's a very serious topic that I thought should really be brought to the spotlight," said Rodriguez.

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The chief says Novato had several youth suicides just last year.

"We're in the business of preserving life and we'll use all tools available to us to do that and this video and this lip sync challenge created a platform for us to do that," said Chief McGill.

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The video also highlights the impact mental health issues have on first responders including Novato's own police officers.

"I just hope that one person sees it that's in crisis or a friend sees it and it's that kind of trajectory to have them make that call and get the help that they need," said Rodriguez.

The video was shot over two days and produced in about five days. Officers did it all on their own, Police Chief McGill says no taxpayer dollars were used.

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