4-year-old in hospital after fall from San Francisco third story window

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A young boy, who fell out of a third story window in San Francisco on Wednesday, is in the hospital. It happened at his home on 14th Street at Valencia, in the Mission District.

Like buildings throughout San Francisco, most of the windows in the 14th Street apartment complex have been open this week.

"It's been really hot, I think maybe that's why the windows were open," said Jessica Trejo, who lives on the third floor of the Mission District building-- right next door to the family whose little boy somehow fell out of the window around 4 PM.

"We just heard people screaming outside, so we checked out the window and we saw when the little boy was on the ground and people were trying to help him get up," said Trejo.

Neighbors say that after the boy fell, he was motionless on the sidewalk for several minutes, but eventually, witnesses say he came to and started to cry and move his upper body.

Eliasar Garcia lives in the building and saw the boy moving when paramedics arrived. He says a police officer asked him if someone pushed the boy out the window. Garcia says he told the officer 'no' - that the boy's grandmother was watching him while he was playing before he fell.

Garcia also said the boy has a brother, both of whom are very energetic and always running around the building.

Another tenant in the building, Mirna Magana, showed an ABC7 crew wood slats, that she nailed across the windows in her unit for protection when her daughter was a baby.

Other windows in the building had screens and bars, but not the window the boy fell from, which was closed when ABC7 crews arrived on scene Wednesday evening.

The boy was taken by ambulance to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. On Wednesday night, a source said the boy was in very serious condition.
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