Grumpy Cat unveils Macy's annual holiday window

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Hundreds of people lined up to meet an Internet sensation who has now transcended her online stardom.

A happy mob waited for hours to greet one grumpy cat and many were decked out in their best grumpy cat gear.

It was hard to get a glimpse of the feline until you got inside Macy's. And once inside, another line, but many felt it was worth it.

"He looks real grumpy and in that way he looks cute," 8-year-old Elijah Moreno said.

But get this, she's a very sweet, loving cat, according to her owner Tabatha Bundesen.

Grumpy cat lives in Arizona with Bundesen and her family. It was her brother who made Grumpy's sour puss famous on social media.

"Every appearance is like, pinch me," she said. "I'm like, am I seriously in San Francisco at Macy's doing an interview about my cat."

Grumpy cat has a new feather in her cap, a lifetime movie called "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever." She plays a homeless cat. Her appearance brings attention to animals in need.

Every year at this time, Macy's fills its holiday windows with puppies and kittens in need of homes.

"We're super excited for this opportunity," Amber Eby of the San Francisco SPCA said.

The windows have helped raise more than $400,000 over the past nine years and find homes for more than 2,000 animals. Hopefully this year will be a great success, or else you-know-who will be very -- well, grumpy.
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