Goodwill's Donate-a-thon goal to fill 60 trucks

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- You can end this year on a high note by donating to a charity that provides jobs for people looking for a second chance in life. Goodwill in San Francisco is in the middle of a Donate-a-thon on Wednesday.

"We brought toys, business clothes for a lady my size and books," said donor Mysti Berry.

The Goodwill accepts donations every day. But the third annual Donate-a-thon event, complete with entertainment and free movie tickets, really seems to motivate people to load up the car and give on the last day of the year.

"About a week ago I saw it, it's like a party and it's really well organized. I thought I'd wait and do it today because I have the day off," said Berry.

"It's our best day of the year. People are so generous and they really are looking to start their new year off with their generosity as their driver. And they give their things, their treasures that they want to part with to make room for more things," said Maureen Sedonaen, Goodwill President and CEO.

People are giving nice things such as Ferragamo shoes, suits for professionals to wear and nice leather purses. And then there's the Willie Brown rack. The former mayor donated some of his designer blazers and jackets to the cause. They will be auctioned off online. In the past, Brown's collection has brought in $10,000.

"He has a rule that if he hasn't worn in a year, he donates to us, and encouraging friends to do the same," said Sedonaen.

Last year , the Goodwill filled 55 trucks. This year their goal is 60. As of 11:30 a.m. they had 40 trucks filled, so they are feeling confident. They are doing this until 5 p.m. in Marin and San Mateo counties too.
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