Lawmakers, activists demand stronger gun safety laws at San Francisco vigil for shooting victims

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- An interfaith vigil was held Saturday at San Francisco's St. Ignatius Church for victims of gun violence in the Bay Area and beyond.

Richard Martinez lost his 20-year-old son Chris four years ago when a shooter opened fire near UC Santa Barbara.

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"There's not one easy answer to gun violence but we can do better, no other developed country has the amount of gun violence we do," said Martinez.

Martinez has become an activist, joining forces with groups like Moms Demand Action, pushing for what they consider gun sense in America.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told attendees she will make gun control one of her top priorities for the new Congress.

"We can not anymore say, I'm sorry or send thoughts and prayers with a moment of silence with no action, this is different," said Rep. Pelosi.

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Leo Lacayo, NRA member and chairman of San Francisco Hispanic Republicans, believes stronger gun laws are not the answer.

"The problem is not weapons, the problem is people, NRA people are not the problem," said Lacayo.
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