Public fight between 49ers and Santa Clara escalates

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- The 49ers are fired up, but not on the field. They're having a very public and very unusual fight between the 49ers and the city of Santa Clara.

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We spoke to the team about the mayor's ultimatum as he is threatening to take control of the stadium.

"The frustrating part, I think, for everybody is it's so public," said 49ers Spokesman Bob Lange. "It's been made so public."

Santa Clara City Council members voted Tuesday night to issue a "breach of agreement."

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The letter, scheduled to go out Wednesday, means the 49ers have 30 days to turn over financial documents showing the profits and losses for non-NFL events at Levi's Stadium like concerts, or city leaders say, "other avenues will be pursued."

"If they are delivered, we don't have a problem," said Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor. "If they are not, we have a problem."

The team says the city and its auditors are welcome to come to the stadium and look at all the documents, but bringing the information to city hall and making them public could be disastrous for the stadium's and city's success.

"If a concert promoter was able to go to city hall and collect this information, and take that information and compare it to what the stadium was charging, other acts they could essentially negotiate out the profit margins," said Lange. "Pretty much erasing the revenues that go to the general fund."

"And I believe, that once you live up to your responsibilities, then and only then can we have a very close working relationship," said Gillmor. "But we have to set it straight. We have to set it right."

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The city of Santa Clara is scheduled to send a letter to the 49ers for a "breach of agreement." That gives the 49ers 30 days to turn over some financial documents. The 49ers say those documents are all available to the city but they don't want to bring them to city hall and make them public record because then everyone will see the details of their financial arrangements with promoters and could lose money in future negotiations.

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