49ers vs. Packers: Niners fans share game day superstitions ahead of NFC Championship game

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- In the South Bay, 49ers fans revealed their game day superstition.

Many told ABC7 News about habits and routines they refuse to break if they're going to help get the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

Most are convinced their routine is the reason for such a successful season.

"All season long, I've been wearing their shirts on Fridays," Catherine Hultberg said.

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"You got to think about what clothes you wore and what you had for a meal, or what you're gaming with. What you're drinking or what snacks you have," Santa Clara resident Pete Diashyn told ABC7 News. "So you try to do stuff as similar as you can, and try to get the same result."

Los Osos resident Tom Pimienta said, "I have all my gear on and if something's not working, I'll go change my gear and then I'll find something that works and that's what I'll stick with."

A couple, split between the 49ers and Packers said, "We don't talk to each other all Sunday, and then on Monday we meet again."

Alyssa Mesinger from Fremont said, "You do not wash your jersey after they've won. I'm sure we all had that nice winning smell going on, that's going to be mine."

Whatever the belief, it all factors into the way the 49ers play. At least, that's what we're told.

ABC7 News asked Santa Cruz resident Jason Patrick if his routine of carrying the rally flag during games has actually helped. He said, without a doubt, "Oh, it's been working!"

Another fan said, "Are you kidding me? I've only been wrong three times!"

For Green Bay, it seems their fans were keeping tactics close to the chest.

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"No superstitions here," one fan told us outside of Levi's Stadium.

"Absolutely not," another told ABC7 News. "The Packers are going to win."

We hope she knocked on wood.

Whatever the belief, something put the 49ers and Packers just one game away from the Super Bowl.

Probably athletic skill. Perhaps superstition.

"It's just fun," Diashyn said. "It's part of sports and you never know if it has an effect or not. But it's just kind of fun to think about it that way."

It isn't just the fans. ESPN uncovered that before every game, George Kittle reads a letter from his dad. The routine has been part of his pre-game ritual since he was a sophomore in college.

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