College Football Playoff fans kick off festivities early in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Alabama Crimson Tide and Clemson Tigers don't kick off until Monday night, but their fans are already getting started.

"Roll tide! Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty," Alabama fans, Mary and Scott White teased. "We're coming to get you!"

Dozens of fans from both teams spent Friday afternoon exploring Downtown San Jose. Many visited San Pedro Square, which was transformed into End Zone Alley.

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People dressed in bright orange or red were easy to spot across the South Bay, Friday.

"There is nothing like Tiger energy," Laura Bass said. "Nothing like Clemson energy."

Fan energy was first felt when a 45-foot-high ESPN billboard touched down at South Almaden Boulevard and Park Avenue. For more than a week, the billboard has been home to superfans Nancy Volland and Llyas Ross.

Many out-of-towners say it's that sheer dedication from both fan bases being brought to the Bay Area.

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"Y'all missing out from the spirit, you know, it's all love," Clemson fan, Ladalvin Miller told ABC7 News. "This is all, this is Carolina right here. South Carolina, Conway, Clemson, Anderson, the whole area you know?"

Alabama fan, Kim Hester explained, "We all love college football. On the way out here we were talking about how this is our seventh national championship we've gone out to in the past ten years. So, this is kind of what we do."

Until the big match on Monday, focus is on fans near or far.

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