Trump expected to focus on border security in address from Oval Office

WASHINGTON (KGO) -- President Trump will focus his attention on border security in an address from the Oval Office at 6 p.m. He and Congressional Democrats continue to disagree on a border wall that will cost nearly $6 billion.

The President wants a wall to bolster Southern border security, but a wall between the White House and Congress is standing in his way. So his address tonight may be to get the American people on his side to put pressure on Democrats who stand in his way.

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"But the other reason he could be doing this is to make the case that his use of, his possible use of national emergency declarations and diversion of funds is the right one," said Prof. Pratheepan Gulasekaram, a Constitutional and immigration law expert at Santa Clara University School of Law.

At this point, the President may not declare a national emergency, which he has mentioned, but Congress has given the President power to spend money without its approval.

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"That's the danger of the legislation that Congress has passed for several decades in the National Emergencies Act, which allows the President to, on his discretion, to declare a national emergency and then divert some funds, which would otherwise, we would otherwise need to Congress to allocate those funds, the President could allocate it himself," said Prof. Gulasekaram.

The White House today said the President wants to spend $5.7 billion for what he now calls a "steel barrier." $675 million to intercept drugs and weapons. $211 million to hire additional border patrol agents, and $800 million for custodial care of detainees.

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That last item angers San Jose immigrant rights group SIREN.

"The fact that he wants to allocate more funding to his detention centers is more money toward this deportation machine, this deportation force," said Jeremy Barousse, director of civic engagement at SIREN.

The President is expected to include lots of statistics to appeal for support for his plan. However, fact checkers will be vigilant to catch misstatements that might be made.

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