San Jose State University named 'Most Underrated School in US'

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose State will not be overlooked anymore.

Educational consultant website CollegeVine has named the University the most underrated college in the U.S.

CollegeVine came up with the rankings based on several criteria, including cost of attendance, financial aid assistance and return on investment after graduation.

It says San Jose State has the benefit of being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and students pursuing careers in STEM fields have really good outcomes.

San Jose State student Hibo Osman says, "A lot of seniors here graduating go to jobs like Apple or Google since it's in Silicon Valley."

"Tremendous faculty. Great students. It's very reasonably priced and so the return on investment at San Jose State University makes a lot of sense. So for us, not a shock at all," said San Jose State Vice President of Student Affairs, Patrick Day.

Here's the full list of Most Underrated Schools in the U.S.
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